First stop

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- HOTEL PICK UP - - Shuttle -

We pick you up in our 13 passenger luxury shuttle at your hotel. Our shuttles are spacious, clean, and equipped with extra-large windows for a full panoramic view of all the sites.

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Second stop

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- SCENIC OVER LOOK - - Boulder City -

Get your cameras ready for this stop along the way to enjoy this jaw dropping view overlooking Lake Mead. Here we will also provide you with plenty of snacks and drinks for the duration of the trip.

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Third stop

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- HOOVER DAM - - Grand .Tour -

Here you will watch a short film then we will take you over 500 feet down inside the tunnels of the Hoover Dam for a guided tour of the Power Plant, this also includes admission to the Visitor Center and Observation Deck. You won't get this with most tour companies!

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Fourth stop

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- DROP OFF - - Hotel -

Enjoy the desert scenic view on the way back to the hotel or if you still have the energy we can drop you off at the fabulous 'Welcome To Las Vegas' sign. 

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